Our Story

In 2008, everyone we knew, including ourselves, seemed to be experiencing some sort of change because of the uncertain economy. We needed to redefine our way of doing business and recognized that this wasn’t a time to be wasteful. We had things that we weren’t using that we passed on to others who had a need for them. We felt quite good about this repurposing of goods. That’s what started the whole idea of Piggy’s…to create a gathering place of unused goods looking for new a purpose.

It was our intent to have Piggy’s be a place that is fun, creative, friendly, respectful and filled with lots of good things. With the enthusiasm and support of family, friends and neighbors, the space quickly filled. After hanging the sign, people began knocking at our door asking if we were open for business. Uncertain if we were ready, we opened our doors officially in late November of 2009 and the response has been amazing.

Since our opening, we have made many new friends and feel a strong sense of community within our walls. We have both customers and consignors from all of the neighboring towns throughout the Monadnock Region and the Contoocook Valley.

Everyone has good luck at Piggy’s.

Our customers often ask,

“Why Piggy’s?”

We have been collecting pigs for over 35 years. It seemed only natural that it should be part of our name. Besides, the symbol of pigs in clover, which you will find on our sign, has traditionally been used as a sign of good luck and prosperity since the early 1800’s. It was the perfect fit for our store.